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Allison & Michael {one year}

This may have been the most crazy fun smash cake session that the studio has experienced, and I’ve been fortunate to photograph a number of great smash cake sessions!  But when the foot comes up to rest on top of the cake, while stealing sister’s cake, and then topping off with a belly flop on the cake, well…that’s a hard one to beat.  And it comes courtesy of 2 adorable little red heads, who have been quite the popular duo on the BLP FB page.

Another happy/sad moment as this Baby’s First Year plan pair came to the studio for some clean portraits and then to dive into those deliciously frosting covered smash cakes.  Allison gave a few quick smiles and showed off her dance moves.  Michael loves to laugh at his daddy, who again was doing everything a good parent does to bring out the happy faces.  (and again, apologies to the companies on the first floor of our building).  But certainly the highlight of this Signature session was the cake.  Like most babies, the twins weren’t sure at first of this sweet confection placed at their feet.  However, it didn’t take long for them to realize its goodness, and for Michael… there are just no words.

So let’s let photos do what words cannot.  Loved photographing these two during their first year!

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