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K family {location mini}

It is an honor when a client selects BLP for any type of portrait session.  It is particularly exciting to be asked to

Courtney {8 days}

Sweet Courtney arrived at the studio for a very feminine pink and gray inspired session.  At 8 days of age, this little

Aurora {one year}

So much cake coming through the studio lately! The smell of frosting…mmmm….frosting. Aurora celebrated her

Evelyn {one year}

Ah…first birthday time…already! What a joy (and how quickly it went) it has been to capture Miss

Zack {sitter session}

So many BLP Baby’s First Year plan babies are having milestones all in the same 6 week time span! It’s

Lucas {sitter session}

Oh, Mr. Lucas, you of the delightfully chunky arms!  How much you have grown in the last few months, from that little

Michael & Allison {sitter}

Not being particularly hip, I had never heard the popular Flo Rida hit “Welcome to my house” before.

Luke {1 month}

Ok, one day shy of one month old.  My apologies, dear Luke.  I’m staring down a big birthday myself, and I know

Riley {9 days}

BLP must have a reputation among the in-utero set.  Riley decided to make her grand entrance early, coming into the

Aurora {studio signature}

Last we saw Miss Aurora, she was a wide awake newborn!  Now, at 7 months old, she came to the studio for her sitter

Harry {9 days}

When I heard the big news that 2012 BLP couple Kaitlin and Thomas were expecting a baby, and making plans for a BLP

Evelyn {studio mini}

Maybe little girls named Evelyn are just extraordinarily happy and easy going (you’ll see what I mean when 3 year