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Blitz {chewbone studio}

Ten week old furbaby Blitz came to the studio for his baby portraits, and OMG, what a cutie!  Technically, Blitz is a Goldendoodle-Cavalier King Charles mix, but the shorter term for that is “adorable”.

Mr. Blitz was very well behaved, and after some exploring, was ready for his close up.  Those sweet puppy eyes, that precious little nose, and hiding in there, those nasty little puppy teeth that are so unnaturally sharp!  When the treat rush hit, Blitz worked out some energy with his hedgehog friend.

Blitz’s mom Mary has high hopes for this little dude, that he will be trained (and yes, eventually he will be trained, haha) to be a helpful service dog in some way, shape, or form.  But for now, he’s a rambunctious little ball of sweetness.


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