The Pinterest monsters would have you think that the only way to photograph turning one year of age is with a highly constructed smash cake studio session.  And while yes, those are fun sessions, and cleanup can be tasty, there isn’t one way to do ANYTHING.  Make your photo session your own!  Working with clients who want something outside the mold is especially fun (and sometimes challenging, but in a good, out of the box, sort of way.)

Dillon‘s first birthday session was a family affair, with older brother Dominic, and Mom and Dad in tow, for a portrait session that is significantly more documentary and “lifestyle” (a now overused word that is losing its meaning, but I digress) in vibe. We dodged some rain drops at kid favorite Grand Pacific Junction in Olmsted Falls, and followed with more family photos at Fortier Park, also in Olmsted Falls.  The goal was very much to capture the kids as they are.  Honestly, documentary portraiture is very hard.  It’s a definite balance to find the casual, looseness in an image, but still maintaining artistic elements, and avoid “snapshot” pictures.  Despite the photographic challenge, I do think that for kids of a certain age, documentary portraits create the most authentic images.

Looking forward to next time with this crew!


Yeay for Mick and Nicole, and their new bundle of joy! Little Max came to the studio for his portrait session at 8 days of age.  Knowing that his folks are huge fans of the Beatles, I smirked a little when being told that the baby’s name is Maxwell.  Fortunately, so did Mick and Nicole.  Bang! Bang!

What an excellent newborn portrait session! Totally love the family portraits- that’s always one of my favorite parts of a newborn session.  Especially in black and white!  Max snoozed for a little while, allowing time for some modern, yet traditional, posed newborn photos.

Sweet little boy in navy, gray, and white!


2017 saw the return of our Sweetheart Mini Mini sessions, and they received a hearty “welcome back!”  These quick 10 minute Valentine’s Day sessions took place at the studio over 2 dates, and much to my delight, were nearly sold out.  We had babies, dogs, and kids of various ages come in to the studio for some fun.  Participants also received a sweet treat bag, filled with Valentine related goodies, as well as a ready-to-finish heart frame by The Organic Bloom.

Had such a blast with these Sweetheart Mini Minis, and am totally looking forward to Halloween Mini Mini sessions this October!



The joys of puppyhood! Meet Ellie, a 4 month old French Bulldog sweetie, who is just so so cute!  And meet Cappy, Ellie’s big brother, who is showing little Miss how to be a good dog.

We had a blast at this Signature pet portrait session! Cappy really took to modeling, and we learned quickly that Ellie will stay in place if you put her on a prop.  Mom Erin chose beautiful backdrop colors- Bone (appropriate for dog photographs!), and Baby Blue (which looks much more like “jewelry store blue” to me).  Both Cappy and Ellie looked amazing on both colors of seamless paper.

Puppies grow quickly, and documenting them at their small stage is a privilege for me as a photographer, but as a dog mom, I also think it’s a necessity.

Looking forward to seeing this dynamic duo again!

French bulldog pet portraits


There’s definitely some comfort in photographing someone who’s been in front of your lens before.  And I believe that’s a comfort that flows both ways.

I was excited to meet up with Xander in Chagrin Falls on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in late November.  After a few reschedules, it was good to not only be able to complete the session for him, but that the weather was really spectacular!  Chagrin Falls is such a great location, as well!  So many textures and options for portrait backgrounds.  We used the area next to Cuffs, and then moseyed down the road a bit to a really cool barn at the corner of the Metroparks.

Wishing the best to Xander in his senior year at Chagrin Falls high school, where he just wrapped up football season.  Soon enough, he’ll be off to the University of Alabama.  He’s quite the young man, and it has been a privilege to photograph him (and his family) a few times over the years.