One of my Dad’s favorite expressions was a lyric from Cheap Trick: “Everything works if you let it”.  These words of wisdom definitely apply to this wedding.  Jeff and Lora were planning an August 2016 wedding when, suddenly, their rustic, Medina County venue was closed down.  Certainly not anything that a couple wants to deal with when planning their dream day.  However, and most fortunately, they were able to re-plan at the gorgeous, also rustic, also Medina County venue, Buffalo Creek Retreat.  And their June 2017 wedding went without a hitch on a most beautiful day.

My assistant Valerie started with the guys at Jeff and Lora’s home, for some prep photos, while I met up with the lovely ladies at BCR while they were getting ready.  Time always seems to fly extra fast on a wedding day, and before too long, it was time for their First Look, in front of the white barn at BCR, which is Lora’s favorite spot on the grounds (we used it a lot!).  After a super sweet, and teary eyed First Look, we made use of the grounds to get the vast majority of photos, including family groups, done before the ceremony.  These “front heavy” weddings, where there’s a lot of time before the actual ceremony to do the bulk of the photography, are always ones we look forward to.  It really sets the tone for a relaxed day, for everyone involved!

Delicious food by Old Carolina at the reception (maybe too good… had a tough time saying no to seconds… that maple butter on the corn bread…O…M…G…).

This wedding definitely worked out perfectly!


Sometimes you just want to do your version of “Blue Steel”.  You aren’t feeling the giggly, smiley look.  You want to be taken seriously.  Such was the case, at least it seemed, for Henry, making his BLP debut in model style.

You may recognize Henry’s folks, from their Chewbone Studio session with Henry’s canine brothers, Puppa and Bandit.  It’s quite a treat when clients go between our “brands”- a little BLP, a little Chewbone… I’m happy to offer quality portraits for all phases of your family.  Like the pet session, Henry’s session also took place at the lovely Bradley Woods in Westlake.  Lots of great little spots in that park to work with.

Looking forward to seeing this growing family again soon!


A fancy tea party for a sweet little girl.  That was the theme for Elspeth’s portrait session, celebrating her first birthday.  In fact, our session took place on her actual birthday, so the cake and treats were extra sweet.

After days of rain, it was good to have the sun shining again.  We did our best to dodge some mud puddles as we explored Elspeth’s amazing back yard for great portrait spots.  And if the feet (and ankles… and shins…) got a little muddy, that was soon to be outdone by the frosting covered hands and lips.

Happy first birthday, and thank you so much for having me over to celebrate!


Sometimes I hear from pet owners, when looking at Chewbone Studio images, “Oh, I don’t think my dog could do that/sit still/pay attention/take good pics/etc”.  And yet, I’ve not yet worked with a dog where we didn’t get good portraits.  A lot of the magic comes in just waiting for the dog to relax, or allowing the dog to do whatever it is that de-stresses them for a few minutes.  It always seems to work out (knock on wood).

For Katie’s session, I had already photographed her canine siblings- Elliot, Chloe, Peyton, and Joey, either in studio or on location.  It was her turn.  Katie’s Mom was concerned about how she’d do for a portrait session.  In years past, Katie had lived as a feral dog, and under Cheryl’s guidance and training, has assimilated into being part of her suburban pack.  But, there are still things that frequently happen at portrait sessions- noises, unfamiliar locations, and other people around, that could easily strike a nerve.

Perhaps it was fate that early evening rain would drive everyone from Sandy Ridge Reservation, ahead of our session.  But when the evening light that is so delightful came out, it was Katie’s time to shine.  And she really did! Relaxed, smiling… and then a few minutes later, when her body language told us that she’d had enough, we just let her romp around a bit (on leash of course), and not only did it “reset” her stress level, but we got some great “candid” or “action” shots.

Love how these portraits came out.  This time, the magic is all Katie.


It was a pleasure to photograph Olivia at Sandy Ridge Reservation on a half cloudy, half sunny day.  As a post secondary student who rarely took part in “typical” high school schedules and activities, the end of the school year came up fast.  Olivia wanted (ok… Olivia’s MOM wanted…) some portraits that captured her personality, but without all the fuss of a full senior portrait session, and without the cookie cutter look of the big box studio.

Congratulations to Olivia!