The quest for a studio space began about a year ago.  I thought it would be easy to find a small-ish space that would function as both a meeting spot (as the fine folks of Panera Bread seemed to grow a little weary of me dragging my massive suitcase of products around their tables) and an actual functioning work space.   I learned a LOT on how commercial real estate works, and that some folks are really only out to help themselves to your money, and have no real interest in helping a small business out.  After sifting through numerous spaces that could have worked but didn’t because of hidden fees or jerky landlords or just overall too spendy, I finally found a cute (albeit tiny) space in Westlake.

Of course, the space needed the BLP touch, and I quickly got to painting, decorating, and making it mine.  Because the space is small, furniture has to do double duty in the meeting and shooting space, but I think that is just fine.  Perhaps the small space can reign in my spending on props!  Along that same line, it was incredible to realize how much stuff I had stored away in my basement: backdrops, lighting kits, props…things that had been mostly forgotten as I have been doing so many on-location shoots.  It’s good to have it all out and on display, where clients can see and select what they would like to use in their sessions.

And of course, having actual walls means that I can put lots of product on display: albums, canvases, the huge amount of framing options that BLP offers, standouts, etc.  No longer do things have to get banged up in my car, which is great!  All bridal consults and wedding wrap up meetings, as well as portrait session wrap ups will take place at the studio.  As far as portrait sessions, certainly BLP still LOVES on-location outdoor work.  The studio will provide another option, for bad weather days, or for those who want a more studio look to their images.  Certainly it’s good for newborn photography, as we can control the temperature, lighting, and noise level.

I am really hopeful that the studio helps BLP to continue on its path of growth.  It is good to have a “home base”!  (And, YES!, we’ve been approved to have Chewbone Studio pet sessions at the studio as well!)

Once again, HUGE thanks to everyone who came out to the BLP Studio Open House!  If you were unable to make it, here is a virtual tour through photos.  I hope to see everyone soon for some fabulous in-studio sessions!

Here is the “before” of the studio space (oh that hideous paint color!)


And now for all of the great “After” shots:


What a perfect way to spend Bastille Day!  No, we’re not French, but I do enjoy brie, baguettes, and watching Le Tour de France.  July 14th was a gloriously sunny day, perfect for a lake side engagement session with Annie and John.

Some couples will bring props to a session.  John brought his sailboat, which was a great prop, actually!  It worked as a great location for some unique engagement portraits, and it reflects Annie and John’s personal interests (as did their VERY spunky goldendoodle Clark).  And it doesn’t get more personal than photographing at the actual location where they met, too!  We had some fun “re-enacting” that fateful meeting at McCarthy’s (where they also make a pretty delicious burger!  If you’re in Port Clinton, check out McCarthy’s!), before walking about the lovely town of Port Clinton.

I really love the “island” vibe of the Port Clinton area.  Lots of fun little nooks to enjoy too, I feel we just scratched the surface of what’s out there, and would love to go back again soon.

Some favorites from this session:

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    […] before the pie was brought out, there was a fantastic wedding day for the lovely Annie and John.  Port Clinton provided us with a pleasant day, although a few sprinkles caught us during the […]ReplyCancel


I know I talk a LOT about weather on the Blog, especially in wedding posts.  We usually have such changeable weather here in Cleveland, that it is really exciting to have nice days for weddings.  At the very least, consistent weather is a bonus.  But as the joke goes, if you don’t like the weather in Cleveland, wait 5 minutes.  That about sums up the weather report for Kent and Amanda’s late June wedding.  I think we saw a little of practically everything (except snow), and at the most unexpected of times.

But, as my fantastic clients know, weather does not make a wedding day.  Weather, traffic snafus, wardrobe malfunctions, etc, have very little impact in the whole scheme of the day.  The exchanging of vows and commitments that the couple makes to each other, that’s what makes a wedding day.  Kent and Amanda are so in love with each other, that it resonated throughout the day, starting well before the ceremony in fact.  There were sweet surprises: a family watch being handed down, and the gifts of jewelry, an unexpected visit by Slider, the Cleveland Indians’ unofficial mascot, to deliver presents, the arrival of Lolly the Trolly in place of the usual limo bus.  There were sweet glances: the way that Kent lovingly gazed at Amanda throughout the ceremony.  And there was a lot of fun to be had at the reception (DJ’d to perfection by Tim of DJ Nitro and given the Italian flavor by Steve Fazzini).  To make the day even more special (is that possible?’!), the marriage ceremony was officiated by Amanda’s cousin and father.  Pretty cool!

Yes, we  got rained on, in the middle of the formal photos.  Maybe rain isn’t the right word, monsoon is more accurate.  We made do with what we could, tried not to get too wet while still getting some nice portraits.   And of course, after the reception got underway, the sun returned for a glorious sunset and rainbow.  But if love was measured in sunshine, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky all day.

Church: Mayfield United Methodist

Reception: Tanglewood Golf Course


  • Kent Bondi - July 16, 2013 - 1:00 pm

    What an amazing job Bouncing Light did. I would recommend them to anyone. by far the fastest turn around I have ever seen. I know people who got married 6 months ago who still don’t have their pics!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Roberts - July 17, 2013 - 1:00 am

    Great job, Bouncing Light! Leigh is a great photographer, works quickly and efficiently at getting good pictures, and is a great people person (kind & patient when needed), too. Sooo many great photos! My only problem is~what pictures can I do without to cut down my order. Decisions, decisions! 🙂ReplyCancel


Because his parents live in North Carolina, we last saw J when he was still in utero (here).  So, it was very exciting to meet him for the first time, at his first birthday party, which was taking place  locally at his grandparents’ house.

In the short time that I was with this lovely family, I learned a few things about little J: he really likes frosting, he loves a fluffy dog, and he is DEFINITELY in love with his Daddy!

The cake smash was a little more of the traditional sort: outside, in the high chair.  J was not shy about digging into the cake, or sharing a little bit with his Dad.   After a little clean up, we did some family photos in the backyard.  Very laid back, this session was lovely (and the spinach dip was also really good).

Some faves:


What makes a standout Senior Portrait?  Is there a unique ingredient to achieving modern, gorgeous senior portraiture?  Having looked at LOTS of photos of soon to be high school graduates, I began to ask myself this question, and find which images, if any, that I felt were powerful.  So many of us have cringe-inducing senior portraits.  That’s not what we’re going for here.

Teens of the Cleveland area deserve the best in Senior Portraits, and BLP can provide them!  With our new Senior Glam sessions, it’s not just going to get your photos taken, it’s an entire experience. Miranda mentioned several times during her session that she felt like she was a celebrity, looking fantastic, with a camera crew on the beach.  The on-lookers were plentiful, that’s for sure.

The session began in Berea at Abi Styling salon, where Abi worked with Miranda’s desires to look “pretty” with full hair and makeup styling.  Then it was off to Huntington Beach where we enjoyed about 20 minutes of great sunlight, and then soon were booted off the beach because of thunder.  A quick change in venue took us to Grand Pacific Junction in Olmsted Falls where we were able to squeeze out a few more shots before the sky opened up into crazed rain.  Ah, Cleveland weather.

Miranda’s images have a high end, fashion, timeless quality.  These are not cheezy photos by any stretch.  And that Miranda felt beautiful and special during the entire process makes it even more special.

These are some of my faves: