This may have been the most crazy fun smash cake session that the studio has experienced, and I’ve been fortunate to photograph a number of great smash cake sessions!  But when the foot comes up to rest on top of the cake, while stealing sister’s cake, and then topping off with a belly flop on the cake, well…that’s a hard one to beat.  And it comes courtesy of 2 adorable little red heads, who have been quite the popular duo on the BLP FB page.

Another happy/sad moment as this Baby’s First Year plan pair came to the studio for some clean portraits and then to dive into those deliciously frosting covered smash cakes.  Allison gave a few quick smiles and showed off her dance moves.  Michael loves to laugh at his daddy, who again was doing everything a good parent does to bring out the happy faces.  (and again, apologies to the companies on the first floor of our building).  But certainly the highlight of this Signature session was the cake.  Like most babies, the twins weren’t sure at first of this sweet confection placed at their feet.  However, it didn’t take long for them to realize its goodness, and for Michael… there are just no words.

So let’s let photos do what words cannot.  Loved photographing these two during their first year!


Such a cutie patootie is Miss Elise!  She is the daughter of BLP couple Crystal and Michael, and can light up the room with that happy smile.

Like Arianna, Elise’s professional portrait session took place at the age of 2 months- not the traditional newborn age of under 2 weeks.  And while a 2 month old baby can’t really be posed the way a sleeping newborn can, an older baby can certainly have adorable expressions and smiles the way most newborns don’t.  Portraits really should be about what the parents want- not what some magazine or the Pinterest-monster makes it seem like one MUST do.

Here’s sweet Elise, in a very simple, yet most adorable studio mini session:


Chardon Square dazzled in autumn glory on a mid-October morning.  Warmer than usual for the time of year, a little breezy.  But wow, what a great location! And of course it is ALWAYS a pleasure to meet up with Lucas and Parker, who have been in front of my lens numerous times, and who are quite the characters.

Outgoing and full of energy, Lucas is the master of the funny face.  Parker is sweet and kind, and very articulate at age 3.  Active kids do best in an outdoor location- where they can run around a bit and be themselves, giving real smiles and happiness to their portraits.  The boys’ mom brought along some pretty impressive balloons, which made for a fun prop.

Great kids portrait session!


The holiday time of year brings families together from all parts of the country.  That makes it a perfect time to create extended family portraits of the entire group, as well as some fresh smaller family portraits, all in the same session.

Linda was thrilled to have her daughters, their husbands, and the grandkids in town for Thanksgiving, and we planned a session to take place in beautiful Chagrin Falls.  Chilly temps had us scrambling for a back up location- the atrium area at the Cleveland Museum of Art.  It was nice to have an alternate that provided lots of natural light and clean scenery.  Those of you who know me, know that I always work with a little step ladder, and that is contraband at the museum (along with reflectors, flash, etc!).  This may be the first session that I did on tip toes.

This lovely family did agree to come with me to the lagoon area for a quick family group shot with the natural scenery.  I’m so glad that they indulged me.  Yes, it was chilly.  But the outdoor family group image was selected to be printed on canvas, and will become a focal point in Linda’s decor.



Mid November had Chewbone Studio back with our friends at Twinsburg Veterinary Hospital for their annual fundraiser, benefiting Wags-4-Kids.  When I was creating the annual BLP holiday card, I wrote on the back that this was our 4th year.  And then, after it was printed, of course, I realized that this is our FIFTH year participating in this great event.  And it ended up being our biggest weekend ever, raising over $2800 for the organization which pairs working dogs with kids who have special needs.  Incredible!

As always, the best part is seeing the canine (and feline) faces- many who we’ve seen before, and those who are new to our game of “smile for some cheese”.  Big thanks to the wonderful staff of TVH, especially Dr. Rachael, for not only putting together an amazing event every year, but for providing me with great assistance during the event weekend.

Some of my favorites: