Sweet Courtney arrived at the studio for a very feminine pink and gray inspired session.  At 8 days of age, this little peanut was so good- sleeping through multiple set ups and poses, with just a quick little snack to lull back to sleepy land.

I was happy to incorporate some of the props that Courtney’s wonderful parents brought for the session, including the girly Yoda.  Meaningful props can really add a touch of personality to your baby’s newborn session.  Proper fit is certainly important, but I am happy to incorporate as many meaningful props into a session as possible.

Excited to have Miss Courtney on BLP’s first year plan as well!  That means we’ll get to see her in a few short months for her sitter session.

What a cutie!


Incredible.  That’s really all there is to say about Tyler and Halie’s wedding at Brunswick’s Mapleside Farms.  An absolute joy to work with, Halie and Tyler were cool as cucumbers throughout the entire day.

I will openly admit that I was very nervous in the weeks leading up to this wedding.  Late October, outdoor ceremony, sunset times sneaking earlier,  the bride and groom staying separate before the 4pm ceremony.  If the weather didn’t play nice, it could potentially be very dark and gloomy for the formal portraits.  Seriously, it couldn’t have been a more gorgeous day, with unseasonably warm temps, and beautiful sun.  There was some wind, which was intense at times, but if that’s the price one has to pay, then so be it.  From the moment that I arrived at Halie’s Mom’s place, when Halie calmly walked outside to greet me, holding her mac and cheese bites from Sheetz, I knew it was going to be a great day.  And then the wedding dress is…pink?! OMG! It became a dream come true.

For the last wedding of BLP’s 2016 season, this was a high note on which to end.  Thanks so much to Halie and Tyler (and their friends and family), as well as to my assistant Kamron who really knocked it out of the park.  I also want to take a moment to thank all of my assistants this year- Kamron, Valerie, Katie, and Michael, who not only are tasked with shooting a wedding day, but for keeping me upright, hydrated, and sane- which might be the hardest job of all.


When another photography taps you to be their family photographer, it’s both exciting, and nerve wracking! What an honor that the incredible team at Rentham Creative, Melissa and Mike, chose BLP!

We set our sights for the field at Huntington Reservation, starting our session just as the sun was rising.  So it was a bit brisk, but the light was great, and for photographers, that usually is the biggest concern.  For the entire session, we did a mix of posed and loose, knowing that sometimes the magic happens between the structure.  It was fun, it was cold, it was early, and it was totally awesome.  Nothing to be nervous about.

Thank you so much for choosing me, it was a real privilege!



It is not uncommon, in fact, it’s fairly typical.  The smiley, happy baby gives only very serious expressions during their portrait session.  Sometimes, tears make an appearance.  Why is that?  Babies are very intuitive.  They recognize that somehow today, this activity is different.  Perhaps their normal schedule and routine has been disrupted, perhaps it’s because suddenly they’re wearing different clothes.  Babies know what’s up.  And that’s ok.

What can a parent do? Relax, take a deep breath, try to “normalize” the experience for baby.  And in a worse case scenario, realize that Pinterest is really at fault.  Ha!

Jack knew something was up when we spent a beautiful Sunday morning together at Lakewood Park.  But his parents stayed chill, and focused on him, and bringing him back to a normal experience.  And it worked, we saw a smile.  And I love these photos, because they are nice portraits, and they’re also “real”.  Take that, Pinterest!