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“C” family {location Signature}

The park (Fortier Park in Olmsted Falls) was HOPPING!  And why shouldn’t it?  Gorgeous evening in summer, and every photographer west of downtown (or so it seems) was there with their clients.  To say this place is popular is an understatement.  But, when ya got it, ya got it, and this park definitely does.

As did MY clients, the gorgeous “C” family.  Their last family portrait session was before Aaron made his official debut, so it was definitely time to refresh their photo collection.  We danced our way through all the photographers, finding the most fun spot- a really cool over-sized Adirondack chair, which was perfect for this family in their beach inspired clothing.  The whole thing just screamed “summer” to me.

Love working with this crew, especially Isaac, who’s going to be my assistant one day (very soon), or who may be the next photographer joining the herd at the park.

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