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Blitz {chewbone studio}

Ten week old furbaby Blitz came to the studio for his baby portraits, and OMG, what a cutie!  Technically, Blitz is a

Gracie & Keebler {chewbone studio}

It was a real honor to create a custom session for April and her fur kids, Gracie and Keebler.  The session needed to

Dog Days of Summer {Chewbone Studio}

Celebrating lazy, hazy summer days at my favorite local park with awesome dogs.  It’s easy to see that this first

Katie {chewbone studio}

Sometimes I hear from pet owners, when looking at Chewbone Studio images, “Oh, I don’t think my dog could

Oscar {chewbone studio}

While scheduling an evening session is typically easier, there are rewards in getting up early for a morning session.

Human Mom & Me {chewbone studio}

Trees and flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, it’s time to celebrate Moms for all that they do!

Rider {Chewbone Studio}

Meet 9 week old Rider, a Yorkie/Silky terrier mix, who is just the cutest!  With all puppies, a lot of treats and a lot

French bulldog pet portraits

Ellie & Cappy {Chewbone Studio}

The joys of puppyhood! Meet Ellie, a 4 month old French Bulldog sweetie, who is just so so cute!  And meet Cappy,

TVH 2016 {Chewbone Studio}

Mid November had Chewbone Studio back with our friends at Twinsburg Veterinary Hospital for their annual fundraiser,

Cinco {Chewbone Studio}

I cannot say enough how well Cinco, a 15 year old chi mix rescue, did at his session.  Even the first frame, the VERY

Joey & Max {Chewbone Studio}

Joey and Max are 2 sweet, fun dogs who have never met each other.  The only thing they have in common, other than their

Max {chewbone studio}

Meet Max, a beautiful 13 year old golden retriever.  He loves the water, rolling in sand, and eating ice cream. It was