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Bandit & Puppa {Chewbone Studio}

There is a common theme with owners of dark dogs- the challenge of getting a successful photo of their pet with their

Hunter {model session}

When our friends at Savage Universal sent a roll of crimson paper to me for test shots, I immediately thought of

Chief & Woody {Chewbone Studio}

At first glance, these 2 boys look like twins, and I, like many others, thought they were brothers.  They have no blood

Sluggo {Chewbone Studio}

One (out of many) great thing about having a dog is that you can really name it whatever you want.  There is no limit,

Kylie {Chewbone Studio}

What a pleasure to receive a message from Marie, that she had a new baby in need of professional portraits.   Her new

Chloe {model session}

Chloe, who’s big-little brother is Elliot, came to the Studio a while back to help me test some Crimson backdrop

Kim & Harley {Chewbone Studio}

Harley and his mom, Kim, came to see me at the Studio last week, for some updated family photos.  Harley, a sweet

Jasmine {Chewbone Studio}

Meet Jasmine, a sweet 10 year old (really!?) maltipoo, who brought her love of exploration to the studio last week.

Hank {chewbone studio}

Meet Hank, a 13 year old golden retriever, who was rescued 4 years ago by his adoring mom, Anna.  Time has slowed Hank

Braydon {Chewbone Studio}

For dogs like Braydon, I’m sooooo thankful for larger studio space!  Braydon, a lab mix, is a big boy.  A big,

Kendall {Chewbone Studio}

Kendall amazed me.  It’s that simple.  Coming into the session, I knew that this little fluff ball had problems

Bino {Chewbone Studio}

What’s black and white and runs all over?  Bino the dalmatian puppy!  He was everywhere in the Studio, rarely