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Codie {chewbone studio}

It’s the wrenching decision that most pet owners find themselves faced with: is my dog suffering too much?  While the answer to that question seems to come differently for each dog and each owner, it certainly is one of the most agonizing experiences, and one that pet parents dread.

Codie has had her share of good days and bad days lately, but when we got together, the sun was shining, and there were lots of fun new things to sniff and explore at Coe Lake.  Codie’s human Mom, in the midst of wrestling with “the decision”, made the easy choice to have professional portraits created of the dog she affectionately refers to as her “kiddo”.  Codie and Mary have shared over 14 years together, and that is definitely worth commemorating.

It is an honor to be called for sessions such as these.  As a photographer and pet lover, creating high quality portraits is the greatest thing I can do for a fellow pet parent.  Definitely a privilege.

Wishing Codie as many good days as her body will allow, and wishing Mary strength and peace in the days to come.

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