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Evelyn {one year}

Ah…first birthday time…already! What a joy (and how quickly it went) it has been to capture Miss Evie’s growth and development, from her newborn, to sitter, to now.  Not only is it amazing to see babies grow up, but it is an honor to be chosen, not once, not twice, but three times, to create heirloom portraits of these milestones.

Evie loooooves cake! And had such a blast clapping her frosting coated hands, that I’m still finding frosting bits around the studio.  Ha ha! No worries, it makes the studio smell good, and makes our Chewbone Studio clients very happy as well.  Evie’s mom, Jessica, elected to split this Signature session, one part taking place at the studio, and one place taking place on location.  We were fortunate to make use of the lovely Prayers From Maria sunflower field in Avon for the on location session.

Happy First Birthday, Miss Evie! Looking forward to seeing you and your great family again!

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