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“O” Extended Family

The holiday time of year brings families together from all parts of the country.  That makes it a perfect time to

The E family {location mini}

When another photography taps you to be their family photographer, it’s both exciting, and nerve wracking! What

The “P” Family {location mini}

It is not uncommon, in fact, it’s fairly typical.  The smiley, happy baby gives only very serious expressions

“C” family {mini session}

This session was a lot of fast paced fun.  Fast paced and nearly 8 months pregnant don’t necessarily go

Amalia {location mini}

Who could ask for anything more? An absolutely precious little girl, add adorable dresses, and mix in a fab location.

extended family session

While gathering the family, coordinating schedules and outfits, and trying to get everyone in the “right”

The “P” Family {Signature Session}

Nothing says “summer” quite like a beautiful day at the park and the beach.  I had the pleasure of meeting

William {location mini}

When last we saw William, he was just a tiny newborn, hanging out with his watchful pup Coraline.  How exciting to get

Cameron {studio mini}

There’s so much to say here, but I don’t want to get all soap boxy.  If you’re a BLP fan or client,

Chase {studio mini}

Mr. Personality! Loved seeing Chase at the studio for his First Communion portraits.  He is really a funny kid,

Evie {studio mini}

What a happy girl Miss Evie is!  Celebrating her third birthday, Evie came to the studio for some updated portraits.

Cousins {studio mini}

Sometimes, the stars (and calendars) align, and family that lives scattered throughout the country have occasion to get