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Sunflower {Limited Edition}

In 2014, the Prayers From Maria foundation, in the effort to create awareness of children’s glioma cancer,


Bet you can’t guess what Parker likes best! I guess it’s pretty obvious.  He LOVES his tractor.  Well,

Bryan {class of 2016}

If you’re a long time fan of BLP, you may just remember Bryan’s Bar Mitzvah a number of years ago.  I

Drew {Bar Mitzvah}

Have you ever seen a miniature golf course built inside for a party?  I hadn’t either, until I arrived for

Sunflower Sessions {Limited Edition}

I am very excited to announce BLP’s Sunflower Sessions, due to take place late August and early September. Many

Evie {studio mini}

If they were to make a television show, it would be called “Evie loves Elmo”.  Because she does.  A lot.

Sweetheart Mini Mini {Limited Edition}

Super cuteness!  Join us at the Studio on January 31st for short and sweet portrait sessions!  Bright and colorful to

Outdoor Holiday {Limited Edition}

BLP’s first ever Outdoor Holiday Limited Edition was a great success!  Fortunately, we caught a break in the wild

“C” Family {on-location Mini}

This is one of those perfect examples of how everything works out for the best.  I enjoy seeing this fun (and way good


Lucas’ 4th birthday session was comprised of 2 Mini Sessions, one at a playground, and one at the awesome

The Moore kids {Signature session}

As I was preparing this blog post, I took a little look back in time to the first session that we had with this sweet

The “S” family {on-location}

It was a great pleasure to meet this family (again…I had briefly met them during the family photo portion of