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Katie {chewbone studio}

Sometimes I hear from pet owners, when looking at Chewbone Studio images, “Oh, I don’t think my dog could do that/sit still/pay attention/take good pics/etc”.  And yet, I’ve not yet worked with a dog where we didn’t get good portraits.  A lot of the magic comes in just waiting for the dog to relax, or allowing the dog to do whatever it is that de-stresses them for a few minutes.  It always seems to work out (knock on wood).

For Katie’s session, I had already photographed her canine siblings- Elliot, Chloe, Peyton, and Joey, either in studio or on location.  It was her turn.  Katie’s Mom was concerned about how she’d do for a portrait session.  In years past, Katie had lived as a feral dog, and under Cheryl’s guidance and training, has assimilated into being part of her suburban pack.  But, there are still things that frequently happen at portrait sessions- noises, unfamiliar locations, and other people around, that could easily strike a nerve.

Perhaps it was fate that early evening rain would drive everyone from Sandy Ridge Reservation, ahead of our session.  But when the evening light that is so delightful came out, it was Katie’s time to shine.  And she really did! Relaxed, smiling… and then a few minutes later, when her body language told us that she’d had enough, we just let her romp around a bit (on leash of course), and not only did it “reset” her stress level, but we got some great “candid” or “action” shots.

Love how these portraits came out.  This time, the magic is all Katie.

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