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Nick & Mary {September 23, 2017}

As I was packing up my camera lenses and reception lights at the conclusion of our coverage of Nick and Mary’s wedding, I asked myself, “Are you sure this is the end? Because this was a really great day!”  It was an awesome day.  As is often said, it’s good to go out on a high note.

And what a high note it was- gorgeous (almost HOT), sunny day; perfectly sweet couple, fun bridal party, and we got through a list of family group shots without the church lady breathing down my neck.  Nick and Mary are absolute sweethearts and a true joy to work with.

We ping ponged around a bit- starting with brief bridal prep at Embassy Suites before heading off to St. Albert the Great in North Royalton.  There, the priest had everyone giggling through his sermon with a unique ice cream analogy.  As it was a beautiful day, we continued to the fabulous Cleveland Museum of Art, where the lagoon area is always at its prettiest in the late afternoon, for portraits and bridal party photos.  And then back to Embassy Suites, where a gorgeous reception (and delicious bacon wrapped scallops) awaited.  Huge thanks to my assistant Kamron, who I love working with.

But that wasn’t all… this was a group who LOVED to dance!! I had a directive to photograph as many guests as possible, especially those sitting during the reception.  Much to my surprise, 99% of the guests were shaking their moneymakers the entire time.  So much fun!

It was the perfect day to cap off 8 years of photographing full day weddings.  From now on, BLP will offer “Short & Sweet” coverage, for weddings needing up to 6 hours of photography.

How perfect this day was:


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