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The “P” Family {location mini}

It is not uncommon, in fact, it’s fairly typical.  The smiley, happy baby gives only very serious expressions during their portrait session.  Sometimes, tears make an appearance.  Why is that?  Babies are very intuitive.  They recognize that somehow today, this activity is different.  Perhaps their normal schedule and routine has been disrupted, perhaps it’s because suddenly they’re wearing different clothes.  Babies know what’s up.  And that’s ok.

What can a parent do? Relax, take a deep breath, try to “normalize” the experience for baby.  And in a worse case scenario, realize that Pinterest is really at fault.  Ha!

Jack knew something was up when we spent a beautiful Sunday morning together at Lakewood Park.  But his parents stayed chill, and focused on him, and bringing him back to a normal experience.  And it worked, we saw a smile.  And I love these photos, because they are nice portraits, and they’re also “real”.  Take that, Pinterest!

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