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Pat & Steph {July 30, 2016}

I’ve seen quite a number of socks.  Striped, spotted, non-matching, celebrating LeBron, etc.  Socks, being one of the few ways a groom can add a little personality to his wedding day ensemble, are becoming quite a big deal.  But, never before, and perhaps never again, will I see socks as unique as Pat’s.  Abraham Lincoln.

Their wedding was originally going to be an upscale backyard lunchtime wedding.  The kind of event that skirts the line of casual and formal.  Where friends and family mingle, laugh, and have a great time, without a lot of fuss.  But, sometimes life has other plans, so while the wedding itself was moved to a church (in Columbus!), and the reception at the absolutely delicious Third and Hollywood in the Grandview neighborhood, that special vibe still remained.  After arriving to the reception early, Pat and Steph decided a hot day deserved an ice cream break, so they walked, hand in hand, to Jeni’s ice cream.  What a fun experience!  And Columbus is quite the charming and bustling place on an early Saturday evening.

This was a great wedding, with great people.  Just as it always was planned to be.

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