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Betsy & Kevin {engaged}

The saying in the photo community is that October is to photographers (in the Midwest) as March is to accountants.  Oh

Jason & Carly {September 26, 2015}

It was an event full of glitz and glam, celebrating the love of two of the most down-to-earth people I’ve ever

Brian & Meghan {September 12, 2015}

Oh, rain.  Lots of rain.  And a forecast that said the rain was moving out.  But…it didn’t.  It just got

Drew & Leah {August 22, 2015}

A bride and groom are pressing their luck when they schedule an outdoor ceremony in late August.  Well, ok, an outdoor

Adam & Ashley {August 7, 2015}

Have you ever heard of Squire’s Castle being CLOSED on a sunny, warm Friday afternoon?  Neither had I.  Nor had

Skylar & Steve {part 2}

Skylar and Steve graduated with flying colors from the Bouncing Light Photography School of Portrait Posing, so I

Elizabeth & Tom {engaged}

Engagement sessions for 2016 BLP couples are in full swing!  We met up with Elizabeth and Tom on a gorgeous evening, at

Skylar & Steve {part 1}

When I was in college, working toward my degree in photography (back in the time when pictures had to be developed with

Seneca & Sarah {July 25, 2015}

The day finally arrived for “The Musician and The Scientist“, and it was a beautiful one!  Taking place at

Steve & Cecilia {July 18, 2015}

Some couples do things their own way when it comes to the Big Day.  For Steve and Cecilia, that meant: no bridal party

Doug & Amy {July 11, 2015}

Their engagement session may go down as one of the windiest and chilliest ever, but their wedding day was perfect and

Kevin & Karly {June 28, 2015}

In past posts, as well as in speaking directly with some clients, I’ve talked about how the camera plays a role