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Carly & Jason {engaged}

Sometimes inability to move a session works out exceedingly well.  As in this case.  We had already rescheduled Carly

Pete & Ali {June 6, 2015}

We might have gotten kicked out of the new downtown Heinen’s location.  I’m not entirely sure.  We were

Brendan & Hallie {May 30, 2015}

Ah…weather… you’re always the unknown element.  Even when we know, we still don’t know.  Alas.

Tim & Jessica {May 23, 2015}

Beautiful sunshine and reasonable temperatures were the icing on the cake for Tim and Jessica‘s colorful, yet

Jon & Jess {May 9, 2015}

It’s hard to argue with an early May day that feels like the height of summer.  The sun and the heat were out in

Andreas & Amy {March 7, 2015}

What an amazing kick off to the 2015 wedding season!  A gorgeous venue (the Hyatt Regency Arcade, in downtown

Greg & Jackie {November 22, 2014}

At the ketubah signing, the Rabbi announced, “Greg and Jackie, you are now married.  So, we can go eat, or we can

Meghan & Brian {engaged}

Thankfully, the sun was out.  Because without it, I think the air temperature was about 20 degrees.  But much like Amy

Amy & Doug {engaged}

“It’s frickin’ freezing, Mr. Bigglesworth.”  That’s probably one of my favorite movie

Brian & Claire {October 25, 2014}

What a beautifully glorious fall day for Brian and Claire!  Seriously, the sun was shining, the temperature was lovely

Donovan & Andrea {October 18, 2014}

With their parents celebrating wedding anniversaries in October, Andrea and Donovan knew that it was the right time of

Brian & Melissa {October 4, 2014}

The lesson for all couples getting married during the seasonal transitions is this: if the weather could be iffy,