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Zach & Ami {September 27, 2014}

I love me some fun bridal parties!  Ami and Zach were awesomely fun and laid back to work with, which makes the day

Jessica & Jon {engaged}

The smell of autumn leaves is in the air, and the first trees are turning yellow and orange.  It’s a beautiful

Brian & Nicole {September 20, 2014}

At our initial consultation meeting, Brian and Nicole were telling me the plans for their wedding.  Backyard, at his

Ed & Lindsey {September 13, 2014}

The phone rang.  Lindsey’s voice became increasingly shaky as the all-too familiar words echoed in my ears.

Ben & Mary {September 6, 2014}

After a 2 week break that seemed to fly by, BLP was back in the wedding saddle for Ben and Mary’s big day on

Hallie & Brendan {engaged}

When Hallie mentioned having the engagement portrait session in Columbus, where she and Brendan live, I was excited.

Frank & Kylie {August 16, 2014}

The word “amazing” and its various forms (including the bizarre “amaze-balls”) is quite

Brandon & Katie {August 2, 2014}

Father Barry at Berea’s St. Adalbert church may be my favorite officiant of all time.  And judging by the

Paul & Jennifer {July 26, 2014}

Sometimes wedding days are tightly packed, with little flex time should things get off track, or in case of unexpected

Tony & Ashley {July 19, 2014}

When it’s raining, and starting to REALLY rain, and your bridal party says, “sure, we’re up for a few

Andrea & Donovan {engaged}

They met when they were in high school, but waited some time to start dating officially.  But when it’s meant to

Frank & Kelly {July 18, 2014}

When you’ve been together for 12 years, and it’s finally the day of the wedding, I suppose it makes a lot