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Nicole & Mick {engaged}

It has been said that a person can be judged based on the way they treat animals.  Then it should come as no surprise

Melissa & Brian {engaged}

Melissa and Brian told me when we first met up in Chagrin Falls for their engagement portrait session that they were

Lindsey & Ed {engaged}

I am fortunate that my clients are all unique.  Some enjoy being instructed as to where and how to stand for their

Steve & Christine {October 12, 2013}

What a way to conclude our 2013 wedding season!  Steve and Christine are so great to work with, that I totally forgot

Amy & Matt {engaged}

Amy & Matt are busy folks- grad school, student teaching, professional bridal party members, just to name a few.

Jonathan & Tiffany {September 28, 2013}

Do you remember the first kiss with your special someone?  The sweaty palms, butterflies in the belly, your brain

Matt & Elisa {September 27, 2013}

It always is amazing to me that  I have a good handful of clients who don’t live in the Cleveland area.  And I

Jarrod & Brittney {September 21, 2013}

As I was getting prepared to shoot this lovely wedding, I noticed the date at the top of the contract,  “March 9,

John & Annie {September 7, 2013}

The pies were fantastic!  I’ve already talked them up to other clients.  Unbelievably good, every single one of

Russell & Erin {August 31, 2013}

A total chance meeting in a San Francisco bar results in an international love affair between an Irishman and a

Kelly & Frank {engagement}

BLP gets to go to some really cool places!  We’ve had great food, and seen things that the everyday person may

Joanna & Omara {engaged}

I had initially met with Joanna & Omara quite a while ago, they were wedding planning, and needed a photographer,