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Zack {one year}

There seems to be a subtle theme in the last few blog posts (and hence, sessions).  That there is no “only” way or “right” way when it comes to your family portraits.  They are YOUR portraits!  And when you come to BLP for a custom photography session, well, it’s to create your unique images.

We have watched Zack grow up this year (and grow some amazing hair, too!).  It’s fun to look back at his newborn and sitter sessions, and realize that this all took place in less than 12 months!

When it came time to plan this first birthday session, I asked his mom about a smash cake, a popular trend.  To my surprise and delight, they had a different family tradition that she wanted to feature- the giving of a first Oreo cookie, by Zack’s grandfather.  How wonderful to have a special moment to capture, and how awesome that both grandparents joined us in the studio for family portraits and the Oreo event.

This is what custom photography is about, and why I love my clients!

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